Glitchless runs...
United Kingdom

Iv done a all mission glitchless run with Salvador, all missions apart from the terramorphous one and the slaughter arena in the wildlife exploitation preserve. Done on the current patch of the game. The final time was 8:33:00, there is plenty of room for improvement.

The rules i set myself were, timer starts as normal and ends when the mission log is shown at the end. Save quitting is allowed, dialog skipping is allowed, out of bounds are allowed (as long as its not clipping through textures). Offhand guns like moxxi for healing and snipers ect for bonus crit is also allowed.

I understand this isn't they type of run a lot of people want to do, but would like to know if this could become a category on the leader boards? With a any% glitchless board too. I have the full run on youtube.


It even became interesting for me to look at this run.