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So im thinking about speedrunning Banjo Kazooie cause running pokemon is getting kinda bleh lol but i dont have an n64, is there a specific emulator that i can use or are emulators not allowed at all? Thanks in advance


Project 64 1.6 or 1.7


Its okay to start with emulator, I also did it for 2 weeks. Why should you buy an n64, if you dont like the game, you know? With an emulator, you always have the chance to test the game out before actually running on original console.


Make sure you use one of those Chreymd mentioned, because 2.x is banned and others will probably have disadvantages. If you run NTSC activate sync game to audio if it´s very laggy.


Well i just wanna use an emulator to practice all the tech and stuff like that, if i actually get pretty good at the run i will def buy a n64, its just easier to use emulator so i can make save states for the hard parts of the run. Thanks guys


I have a question but I'd rather not post another emulator thread so I'll ask here: I'm having trouble skipping the opening cut scene on PJ64. Is there something special you're supposed to do like beating the game in a different file or is it just pressing start because mine will not skip for some reason?