Weird teleporting glitch
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I was messing around in level 47, but then I found an extremely odd glitch with recovery. As you might know, armed characters can pick up others during its death animation, leaving them holding a sprite of nothing. In the case that I had, Book held Ice Cube and ran into side-facing spikes. I then picked up the dead sprite and switched to Match. She then recovered Ice Cube, and Book teleported to the HPRC, already holding him, like he did at the very start.

Michigan, USA

Meester calls it the "Zombie carry", and yeah, it's really goofy. Here's a demo from level 48 I made a while ago to show what's going on. The "teleporting" thing happens when there isn't an object between Ice Cube and the character "carrying" her; in this example, if I walked far enough to the right, Ice Cube would immediately snap to Book.

Very interesting.

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United Kingdom

But when I was trying and found it in level 47, Book ended up at the HPRC instead of Ice cube going to him.

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