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1 year ago
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Hello! Potential new runner for this niche game of childhood here :> I have a few questions I wanted to ask regarding the game if I decide to run it.

  1. I understand that Wii emulator runs will be hidden by default, but can an emulator run (I use Dolphin) be verified and shown, or will they always be hidden? If so, I may consider not using an emulator, albeit I would prefer it.

  2. For Glitchless, can you not skip any enemy encounter, or just large load sections of levels? I ask this because there is a few tricks / techs I figured out to skip puzzles or a couple zones that do not require out-of-bounds or collision skips. I want to know if "cheesing" puzzles or jumping over certain obstacles is considered fair game for that category.

  3. This one isn't as important, but is there any potential guides or explanations on the tech used in Any % / 100% runs? I'd like to try and learn it if I can, might help me understand the execution more.

Thank you if you read / answer this! I may tack on more questions as I think of them. -SirPik

United Kingdom
  1. I'm not entirely sure what your question is. All emulator runs are hidden by default and you can use the filters to show them.
  2. Currently, anything that prevents a fight sequence from spawning in is banned although if you present specific examples then a more specific ruleset can be made.
  3. There's no guide for specific skips but this is one for the main tricks.
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in glitchless only the jump from the big canyon that you die is allowed and the boss scene does not appear to save time and the jumps in which you can move by changing at the right time, like when you fight against ghostly, you can move in the scene when you first take him down, but it's hard to do.

It is the same in Hoover Dam you can skip the dialogue scene of the first part by killing all the enemies and being able to move to save time.

and then you can also skip dialogue scenes and puzzles in various levels without skipping scenes or fights.

sorry if it is not well understood it is because I use translator F.

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It's all good - thank you! This answers my questions. Also I apologize about my first question being vague, it was because I thought that 'hidden' meant not displayed at all, but after messing with the filters I understand how that works now. Idk if I'll run the game soon, but I've been considering it. Thank you for the help!

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