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hello everyone, I've seen a lot of people on YouTube trying to beat Rodin as fast as possible with all kinds of outfits. However once you have the correct set it all depends on the reaction ability and the memory of each enemy attack. I've seen people go to 1 minute, even 50 seconds. Well, here I want to share my mark of 34 seconds, and I would love to see if as a result of this, other people are encouraged to beat that record. I'm sure time can be further minimized, so I'd love for you to use my reference video to see what insane ways the community surpasses it!

Thank you for reading!

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If this was to one day be a category what would the rules be? What characters can be used? Any items or other restrictions?


Small note, you say RTA but actually you probably mean IGT, when it comes to Rodin. I don’t think one Fight alone is worth putting on the boards, but I do have to give you credit: this was very impressive! you should feel proud of this this 🙂


@KapKap it's probably IGT, I don't quite understand the terms. I just don't want this to be forgotten. I've been perfecting this encounter for years 😃

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@Worsel5Worsel5 In this meeting I used an account that has little blood and little magic, that is, they are the statistics with which the game begins. I just did it to add tension and stress. A bit of excitement. I don't think it should be considered that strict. The same result can be achieved with an account that has everything to the maximum. The only difference that I could highlight is whether, in addition to time, it is considered a difference between PP or without PP. Anyway, the PP will always be faster, since taking damage takes a lot of time


For example in the following video, it is not about making it faster. If not a Handicap, I am using specific bracelets to take off the Witch Time and have Rodin Berserk. I'm restricting myself from using WW, and it all comes down to my concentration to read the enemy. It can probably be used as a category, however I think it is more fortunate that Rodin does not block too many attacks


Drayzher, I am confused here. Are you actually trying to make this a category or just wanting to show off your accomplishment?

If you are trying to make this an actual category then you need to propose the rules to be put in place such as are on the leaderboards right now at this moment so it can be debated and help gauge interest in others doing such runs.

If you are just trying to show it off then please abstain on making threads about a new Miscellaneous category and simply just make a post about the video itself if you wish to do so.

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Worsel5 I'm trying to get you to help me see how this could be entered as a category. I'm not trying to post it here to show off and see it ... I already did that a long time ago on my networks. I want to make myself understood, but I don't speak English, this is just a bad translation.

@Worsel5Worsel5 You are a great speedrun, surely you know that Rodin Boss is one of the most complex individual verses in the whole game, I don't need to explain anything to you about it. I am trying to understand the bureaucracy of rules that you want to subject the match to to see if it is feasible, and I understand that. However, is it not easier to agree on the variants that already exist? The video of the publication would enter the category "PINK", and surely people who have marks with Jeanne and Bayonetta that I do not own will open.

Setting rules on the types of weapons I don't think is relevant since in this encounter the strategy of the armory matters little, it all comes down to following the rhythm of the enemy, and if your attacks find a feasible space, they enter, or are blocked. Therefore going with any type of set, even Rodin's weapons with the P + Jump cancel Glitch should be possible. Then it all comes down to the freestyle and ability of the runner to get to beat it as soon as possible. I also don't think it is necessary to demand a perfect medal, probably some can find shortcuts in taking damage, so demanding Pure Platinum does not seem right to me.

But anyway, all this depends only on you who already have experience in all this. I just chatted a few days ago with a speedrunner, and mentioned my brand to Rodin, and he recommended that I enter this site to register it. If you do not think it is important, and from your experience you assume that absolutely no one else will contribute material about it. I will understand, thank you

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Entiendo mejor el español que yo si eso ayuda.

Yo creo que....


@Worsel5Worsel5 bien, bueno explico de nuevo la propuesta

Categoria: Rodin / Verso 00

Subcategoria: Bayonetta, Jeanne y Rosa (Los personajes son las subcategorias, ya que dependiendo de cada uno las posibilidades en esperanzas de tiempo cambian dramáticamente). De todas formas si a alguien le interesa que se incorpore como categoria el lograr una "medalla cualquiera" y una "medalla Pure Platinum", pienso que no habría problema. Sin embargo pienso que algún corredor inteligente encontrara alguna manera de someterse a algún golpe para ahorrar un segundo.

Equipo: Todos los brazaletes y armas permitidas para ampliar la creatividad del corredor (Glitches con las armas Raksasha, Alraune y Rodin no tienen efectos ventajosos en la velocidad, por lo cual están permitidos también)

Temporizador: El tiempo comienza a correr en el momento en que se quita la cinemática de introducción, o en caso de regresar de una derrota al momento en que te reincorporas. Y finaliza en el momento en que aparece el primer tintineo de captura de pantalla que sucede al dar el golpe final. De todas maneras el temporizador integrado del juego mide perfectamente los segundos si no se hace ninguna visita al menu o se utiliza la pausa.

Aclaraciones: Los emuladores están prohibidos ya que desconozco si existe algún Glitch Hack. Y obviamente se requiere un vídeo subido como evidencia definitiva

Estoy seguro que si le dan la oportunidad a esta sección aparecerán corredores, en mi opinión este Jefe final secreto es lo mejor programado que tiene este juego y muchos lo consideramos como "un mundo a parte" de todo lo que ofrece el resto del videojuego por su complejidad particular


@DrayzherDrayzher Gracias! Traduciré a inglés pronto para todos los demás.

Okay, I understand now what he was trying to say and propose for the rules and I will translate for everyone who does not understand Spanish soon!

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Here is a loose translation of what Drayzher was proposing:

Category: Rodin Fight

Subcategories: Bayonetta, Jeanne, and Rosa would be individual subcategories since the times would be drastically different from each other. If someone is interested in having an "Any medal" and a "Pure Platinum medal" be incorporated as a category I don't think that would be a problem. I am sure some smart runner will find some way to take a hit to save a second here or there on the runs.

Equipment to be used: All weapons and bracelets are allowed. Glitches with Rakshasa and Alraune do not give you an advantage with speed so they would be allowed too. *NOTE: A glitch exists where you can freeze Rodin in place with Rakshasa.

Timing: Timer starts the moment the cinematic is over or when restarting the fight after a death, it stops when landing the final blow. The in-game timer shows the seconds but does not add to it if you go into the menu or pause the game.

Emulators would be banned since I don't know if there are any glitches or hacks. Video would be required for submission.

I am sure that if you add this category runs will be made, and in my opinion the Rodin fight is the best part due to its complexity.


Qué glitches a dices por las armas Rashaka, Alarune, y Rodin?


@KingRelic36KingRelic36 aca te pongo algunos ejemplos

Rodin Glitch Weapon:

Raksasha Glitch Weapon:

Alraune Glitch Weapon:

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Hola a todos, soy un jugador regular de Bayonetta, conozco a Drayzher por las redes sociales y su gran desempeño dentro del juego, en especial con de el desafío de Rodin.
Hacer speedrun de Rodin el Infinito es un desafío muy interesante, no solo por la dificultad del enemigo sino porque varia con cada personaje que elijas para enfrentarlo.
Actualmente tengo un tiempo muy bueno con Rosa y estimo que puedo mejorarlo. Acá se los dejo.