Should emulated runs be allowed?
3 years ago
Pennsylvania, USA

I am looking to get feedback on if the Wii U emulator, CEMU, should be allowed for speedruns. The game has been fully playable for over a year now and at the time of this posting version 1.21.3 has fixed some nasty visual glitches such as the brightness levels during the Gomorroah fight being corrected along with the courtyards in Noatun.

An occasional odd visual glitch was noted on my last full playthrough but only occurred in Chapter 9 and on an object that was not able to be interacted with in the very far distance (piece of floating background rubble would flicker from being seen to not seen). It's my estimate that this game is 99% accurate to the console for visuals.

Due to the loading times being slightly faster than the Switch version and having a more stable framerate it would of course have to be in its own separate category and would not be competing with the Switch or physical Wii U consoles.

The benefit of accepting emulated runs would be that people who do not have a capture card would be able to participate in the speedrunning of this game, also New Game + would no longer require hours of grinding to make a single file containing everything needed since a save state modification tool exists. The rules would also stay the same.

I would love to hear everyone's feedback on this question and any concerns you may have.

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Portland, OR, USA

I personally have reservations with emulators but if they are going to have a different category for them I cant think of a reason to not allow that

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I've got no issues if it's a separate category. If it opens the door for a broader group of runners, I'm actually all for it.


What Kap, and Tela said. Make it a seperate category, maybe in the miscellaneous tab, and then we might indeed get more people interested in this game. I'd say, throw it in there or, at least, gauge if there's interest, make an announcement here and in the discord, and see if it indeed has a place on the board.

Pennsylvania, USA

I have been playing the emulated version for a while, mostly so I know what variations to look for in submissions but also for fun so I would definitely be doing a run or two if it's in.

At the time of this post it's only been half a day since it went up but reaction on here so far seems to be positive.


I think that emu as a separate category could work fine and even kinda makes sense