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I was wondering what the possibility would be for splitting the run categories up by disk vs digital. The reason behind this request is that the digital version loads much faster than the disk version. No matter how much you optimize a run if you are playing the disk version it is impossible to catch up and will always be at a disadvantage, from loading a level to getting into the menu to use an item or make a weapon change, digital beats disk.

I plan on doing a brand new run in the next few days (I have to buy a new Pro controller first) and can get a hard number on the loading time differences if needed over the course of a full game, comparing to the current 2nd Climax WR video.

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tbh i think splitting cato's just for loading would be a bit of a stretch. totally on a game where there aren't as many runners. the filters should be fine for now.


Over the course of a run you are talking 7-10 minutes difference here, it all adds up.


While true, Introducing a category split for it would further serve to divide the already small number of runs we have on the leaderboards. You can already filter runs by disc or digital only if you don't wish to compare your time to others, but currently there is no plan to split the categories. Possibly we could change it to a sub-category from a variable down the line, but only if we get some more runners to make it seem worth the split, since currently doing it would cause most categories to only have 1 run.

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