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Please feel free to post your category run ideas here so that a moderator can take a look at it and determine whether it should become a run category. this way we can see what the runners have ideas for as well as the mods. With Chapter 2 coming out really soon i wanted to make this thread so that when chapter 2 comes out if there are any hidden things that we can either make as a misc category or regular category, then we can do that. but please feel free to share your ideas.


a possible category to be added soon is Chapter 1 Glitchless, but this will ONLY happen if we can confirm that it is possible to glitch yourself into the final room at the beginning of the game. if you dont know what im talking about, check the glitch sticky'd post and youll see what im talking about. Chapter 2's rules for running when the game comes out will be the same as chapter 1's until a moderator can take a look at the game and see where the time should end and start and what rules will be made.


Full game run? (when it comes out fully.) How about Chapter 1-2 run? Both in a single run?

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1-2 might be a misc category but not sure because then we would need one for EVERY time a new chapter comes out. but yes FULL Game run is going to be a thing once the game is fully released


Can you make a 100% subcategory for Chapter 2. 100% requires drinking every single Bacon Soup in the chapter.


i think we can work on that and make it a misc category. do you know how many bacon soup is in ch2 so we can make sure to put that in the rules?

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I know the locations but I dont know how many there are. I may count them later.


Mabye a collect all bacon soups in the 1s chapter. I would think that would be fun for people whit less time


Hi, there can be a category for the Steam demo of the game or it would fit in the Chapter 1 category? (I can't pay for the full game)


It fits in to the chapter 1 category, the demo is just chapter 1 of the full game.


Pretty sure it fits my speedruns were in the demo and it was clearly shown at the end and still accepted

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ok then. The demo fits in the Chapter 1 patch, right?


Misc -> Chapter 1 -> Current Patch @OctonineOctonine

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Mis-> Multi-chapters -> (Selectable chapters) -> current patches

I think this would be a good Idea for people who bought the chapters individually, but they still want to speed run multiple chapters. To make it simpler to time, the playout can only be this:

Chapter 1 & chapter 2
Chapter 2 & chapter 3
Chapter 3 & chapter 4
Chapter 4 & chapter 5


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