All Bacon Soup Locations (external link)

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Current Strats Playlist (external link)

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Steam Achievement Manager

To clear achievements for 100% (external link)

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Save Files

Copy different save files into: Users >[USERNAME] > AppData > LocalLow > Joey Drew Studios > Bendy and the Ink Machine > Saves, Note: You may need to go to AppData > LocalLow > TheMeatly Games > Bendy and the Ink MachineSaves and delete the backup save in the folder for this to work. (external link)

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Any% Subsplits

(direct download)

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Mipha's Subsplit Layout

(direct download)

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Chapter 1 Alpha (Chapter 1 Version) (external link)

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Chapter 2 Version Download

Make sure all the files and exe applications are in the same folder (external link)

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