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I’m looking to run this game can there be a discord please

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South Australia, Australia

is there a tutoral on how to run this game?

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@hsblue yes but it’s a doc in tutorials of speedrun.com

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There is no discord for this game no. the document should have everything you need though since it's up to date. If in doubt or any question go see Baffan or me I think we are both the most up to date people on the route..

Baffan obviously knows more though.

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My own Discord server has always been considered as the hangout place for Baten Kaitos EWatLO speedrunning, since I am the only person running the Main Categories on a regular basis.

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As it was just announced during the NagoyaRTA speedrun marathon, we decided to create a dedicated Baten Kaitos EWatLO Speedrunning Discord server!


My server has always been the place to hang out between Baten Kaitos fans since the game is not that popular. But with the recent influx of runners (especially Japanese ones), the route improvements over the months, the implementation of glitches (oh yeah did you know we have glitches now? I should make videos about them) and the motivation of some people, we decided that having a dedicated place for it would be the best.

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