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Hello Runners!

As you all already may know, eddie has had a history of not being that great at retiming (or communicating with others for that matter) and that most of the runs on that boards are not that consistently timed, so I took the time to retime every single run on the main category boards with a reliable, consistent method just so the boards look cleaner and that times are more consistent. Also, since the rules state that all runs must have video proof, I rejected all the runs that did not have any video to go along with it. However, runs that had a link but did not have a video most likely were runs that had a video but were not preserved well, so for that reason I just decided to leave them alone. Also, side note but apologies to all of you who got tons of notifs from me editing runs, that just kinda happens with SRC.

Also, here's the spreadsheet that I tracked all the retiming on if you want to take a look: https:/​/​bit.​ly/​2SIR6YL

Thanks for reading!

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Before anyone asks, yes he had my permission.


thanks for calling me out on being bad on retiming runs when i retimed them all wrong instead of when they were originally verified

edit: i cant help but notice most to all of you have twitches, what was stopping you all from talking to me from twitch

edit edit: shoutouts to everyone who bullied me out of this community


@eddiecatgamingeddiecatgaming please don't bring that into this. This isn't a place to vent about your sadness of the community.


Sorry for the way things went down Eddie, I know we have never interacted but I respect you for what you have done to this community and many other speedrunning communities that I lurk. Hope the best of luck for you moving forward regardless if it includes Speedrunning or not.

Also a little fun fact is that you verified my first ever run. Cool I guess.

Anyways , Good Luck with everything.

Edit: let's keep this on peaceful mode can we?

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