All 2018 Demo Baldi WRs (Excluding Endless) (external link)

By JokerFactorJokerFactor

Game Download

For those who need a download. (external link)

By Basically, Games!

X Mouse Button Control

This tool allows you to rebind keys to mouse buttons. (external link)


Hide & Seek Skip

This tool will allow you to skip beating Hide & Seek mode, which will allow you to input custom seeds. To install it, make a profile in your game named "Jim", then go to C:\Windows\Users\(your user)\AppData\LocalLow\Basically Games\Baldi's Basics Plus. Look for the PlayerFile_Jim.dat file, then replace that one with the one here on this page. Please note that you absolutely must make the "Jim" profile yourself first, or else it will not work. The reason for this is still unknown. All data files of users in the gamesave are labeled as "PlayerFile_(your player name).dat". Please note that this is not 100% fail-safe, and that failure to install it properly could cause damage to your gamesave. (external link)

By SkirtsiesSkirtsies