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I think there should be a Baldi’s basics 2
If you approve Baldi’s basics 2 I’ll think of some more additions for after version one
For version one:
The here school should have only one floor
This version should be a beginners version and a tutorial so no other characters besides baldi
There should be 4 notebooks for the first version
At least that’s what I think the developers can think of something else too


None of us are the creator of the game, we are just the game mods for the speedrunning page of it. If you have suggestions for Mystman12 (the actual creator of the game) message him on Twitter.

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The creator started a kickstarter for Baldi’s Basics. The full game will hopefully release late 2019. It will include randomly generated levels, field trips, and more characters.


I think there should be a Baldi’s basics 2

Yea me too

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@TicTacBean , youre not a mod.

Where have i seen this before?

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The mods are the one who approve/reject runs add category's and make the leaderboard.
(Everyone with a sword before their name)


I think he knows what a moderator is but when Bogi said mod he got confused.

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You literally said what's a mod.

And also I can take a joke. There was not a joke anywhere. (Edited to talk)


Yet another pointless thread. Locking.
@GerogeMac take a joke

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