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After days of glitch hunting, I have found a glitch. Yesterday, I was trying to find another playtime skip, I hit the jackpot.

The glitch is when you are kinda inside playtime, so you should not see playtime while being inside her. Then follow where she goes until she wants to play, when she says it, she should repeat it saying it non - stop, but she never plays with you, regards.

Please can people try this out and see if playtime doesn't play with ever at all, regards she really wants to, or she might just then play with you after saying lEt'S PlAy so much. The reason why I can't test out this theory is because I always die when it happens because Baldi is near, also it 2.5 am for me so i'm tired (i'm in another country)

I'm surprised i'm still that awake that I can type professionally.

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I prefer posting this to a reddit forum. If you find a glitch and want to post it on these forums, it should be speedrun related.


hey what's up you gamers here on I just loaded up Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning™ on my Apple™ MacBook™ personal computer! dude this is huge I had to make an announcement here on the forums!


is that another thread by our boy geroge

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