Fill me in!
6 years ago
California, USA

Hi all!

Work has consumed my life for the past 6 months, so I've completely lost track of things here. Couple questions:

What is the purpose of the time out strat and is that to skip the otherwise unskippable dialogue?

What is up with the settings changes? I always just used default but obviously errors off is going to speed things up a lot and make this more managable, so I'm fine with that, but am curious why the setting is "hard" now?

Also sorry again for my absence and I'm glad there's a second mod here who's been great by the look of things

California, USA

Hi benpaco, welcome back! Some things were found in the game that can can optimize the game and times. I've made a list on optimizations and posted it in the guides section if you want to check it out.

The TIME OUT strat helps you get the ball back to the pitcher after a strike, a ball, or a foul that doesn't force fieldview. Doing this is much faster than waiting for the throwback animation to the pitcher.

Not much has changed in the settings for runs, only a few things. Switching on pitch locator just makes it easier to get the hit you want and turning off Play-by-Play/Color commentary removes some dialogue in runs. Removing the dialogue also makes the TIME OUT strat a bit faster as well.

As of using Hard difficulty, there isn't much confirmation that its better than Medium to be honest. I just personally feel the opposing team hits better on Hard than Medium, but that's just me.