Rock launch?
8 months ago

why do we have a coop glich in the solo category? when there is a coop category? I get that its a cool glitch with great time save, and you can do it alone with 2 controllers, but still feel like this should be coop only thing, either have coop run, or dont.


also i am not sure it works on console


Hi there,

the rock launch glitch is currently believed to be able to be performed on all platforms minus the Switch.

The reason it was allowed in the main category was because it became clear the alternative was unviable for runners so we allowed an exception for this one glitch, while making sure to keep co-op seperate as allowing co-op throughout the entire run can change things such as combat


What do you mean the alternative was unviable? You can easily do the run without a coop glitch. And when we have a clear rule and category for coop, i dont think there should be a exeption. Ofc this is for the community to decide, so if i am the odd one out, i ofc understand. But i vote we make the rule that Coop is only for coop.

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personally i like the rock launch glitch for the time save but i dislike the idea of the whole run being 1p2c, so the current rules work for me (with rock launch being the only reason kevin is allowed)

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