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just going to edit this since finding anything vaguely recent on this game is a pain for anyone else who comes across this.

the low% route would use the passcode tool to modify stuff, search up bluey lewis's channel on youtube and there's a video on there somewhere showing getting to the final area without red trenchcoat.

red trenchcoat does not appear to be skippable, as there's no way seemingly to get through the final screen before Athetos. low% thus is the 6 items in that video, plus red coat (and anything additional you would need to get there), unless a clip to both get into the spot with blocks is by destroying the blocks and get through the horizontal double gates directly below the entrance to athetos.

not entirely sure what a no passcode tool low% looks like but i'm going to look into it.

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i can see there's a thread with posts from 2 years ago on 6% being possible, and i'm wondering if there's any info anywhere on what exactly low% would entail.

discord link is dead (possibly doesn't exist anymore?) and i'd like to get into running this game.

there's also a comment on 100% being rerouted, is this the route used in the runs on the lb atm?


Hey there!

Here's the link:

Come share your findings I'm sure sure Codepiece for one would be interested 😃


They had updated the athetos boss so you cannot clip right platform and just spam shoot him. If there is anyone out there brave enough to fight athetos with no hp and dmg upgrades is insane and I had attempted it for 2 hours one night with safe strats with 0 hp upgrades and 3 damage upgrades, still almost impossible but got to third phase a few times...

with this being said, there could be older mentions of using passcode to clip OOB or find an alternate route to skip certain upgrades. I had routed a 14% run that included all essentials plus 1 damage node, drone launch, pass code tool, grapple, and flamethrower. say you take away passcode tool, then you cant get flamethrower, hence getting all three with grapple to get oob above athetos and kill him that way.

JOIN the discord for further chats, pretty active community in there although the game leader boards are quite dead.