Asphalt 8 and their best and worst vehicles

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The different classes in Asphalt 8 have different vehicles. in class D you expect things like the Dodge Dart GT (Starter car) and in class S you have things like the Aston Martin Vulcan (14.500 tokens from the top of my head). In this guide you will get to see the best and worst vehicles of every class, and their prices. this guide will be held up-to-date for as much as possible. please note: vehicles that can't be obtained or are vehicles from R&D/Championships will not be listed here. Keep in mind that this information is from the Asphalt 8 fan wiki, and therefor can be incorrect. all of these cars are judged from rank ONLY. what you get in the end, is up to you. cars with blueprints WILL be listed, even if they were in an event (Like the McLaren Formula 1 cars)

Class D
Worst car
Dodge Dart GT
Price: Free
Starting rank: 876
MAX+PRO: 992
Tuning kit: +32
Cost to MAX+PRO: 38,9K

Best car
Buick Avista Concept
Price: 425.000 Credits or 2.400 Tokens
Starting Rank: 1112
MAX+PRO Rank: 1344
Tuning kit: +34
Cost to MAX+PRO: 981.600 credits

Class C
Worst car
Audi RS 3 Sportback
Price: 18.000 credits
Standard rank: 1026
MAX+PRO: 1204
Tining kit: +42
Cost to MAX+PRO: 220.200 credits

Best car
Sbarro Sparta
Price: 16 rare bluebprints
Standard rank: 1251
MAX+PRO: 1541
Tuning kit: +41
Cost to MAX+PRO: 2.081.800 credits

Class B
OK, so I know that the DS survolt is technically the worst car in rank, but the DB9 is worse in every stat
Worst car
Aston Martin DB9
Price: 50.000 credits
Standard rank: 1219
MAX+PRO: 1362
Tuning kit: +37
Cost to MAX+PRO: 365.400 credits

Best car
Lamborghini Estoque
Price: 4.175 tokens
Standard rank: 1267
MAX+PRO: 1666
Tuning kit: +71
Price to MAX+PRO: 3.200.000 credits

Class A
Worst Car
Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Race Car
Price: 725 tokens
Standard rank: 1315
MAX+PRO: 1489
Tuning kit: +38
Cost to MAX+PRO: 631.600 credits

Best car
Chevrolet 2016 Camaro SS
Price: 5.750 tokens
Standard rank: 1203
MAX+PRO: 1801
Tuning kit: +108
Cost to MAX+PRO: 4.787.800 credits

Class S
Worst car
Lamborghini Veneno
Price: 1.100 tokens
Standard rank: 1482
MAX+PRO: 1655
Tuning kit: +34
Cost to MAX+PRO: 1.276.000 credits

Best car
Devel Sixteen Prototype
Price: 4.950.000 credits or 14.500 tokens
Standard rank: 1594
MAX+PRO: 1867
Tuning kit: +59
Cost to MAX+PRO: 5.501.200 credits

Please keep in mind that this information is from the Asphalt 8 fan wiki and may not be 100% accurate. what you get in the end is up to you, but this is like a mini guide for beginners.
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