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What do you mean by "race%"?
"Energy form%" would mean allowing energy form so I guess you are talking about any%.
You don't even run the game, why adding you?


Nice iOS exclusive glitch lol

I wouldn't really mind adding the Seahorse Race a seperate category, as it is a clear subgoal, well defined within the game itself, but as for other arbitrary categories I don't feel like they have a place on the leaderboard as they just make it a cluttered mess. And unless there are a lot of people that are interested in a particular category, the leaderboard doesn't gain anything from having it, so why bother?

Also there is no need for another mod. Vayarda has always verified runs quickly enough and I'm prettty sure they're not evil, so if there is anything that you need for the leaderboard you can just discuss it in the forum like we are doing right now :3

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