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Hey, I was trying to start maybe running the game and I used the autosplitter script to help me out.

Problem is, the autosplitter won't start when a new game is launched, and i'm not even sure that the splitter is working properly... Any thought on what could be the issue ?

Every software used is in English, except my computer which is in french, may that be an issue for the script to find the good value in the RAM ?

Waiting for some help, thanks in advance !


There are a few things that may be causing problems with the autosplitter. First, make sure to follow all the instructions in the autosplitter installation files. Next you need to make sure you're using the correct version of AMFP. The autosplitter will only work on the version of the game posted on the resources page show here:

Finally, if you're using the right version and you installed the autosplitter correctly you need to right-click on Livesplit, go to "Compare Against", and select "Game Time". That should insure the loadscreens are being timed out properly.

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Thanks for your quick answer !

I may have miss something here but I'm not sure... Will try again from the beginning.

I'm currently using the steam version of the game, so It should be the last used, don't know where to check the version though, but I see that I got "aamfp" and "aamfp_NoSteam" in my folder, guess i still want to launch "aamfp" for the script to work. Idk I'm kinda lost.

And I put everything on "Game time" just to be sure that it would start at some point.

EDIT : Ok so I think that the issue is that I'm playing on a legit version of the game on Steam ? Should I be using the DRM-free version shared here for the splitter to work ? If that so I find it very counterintuitive but at least I think I figured out where was the problem coming from. Testing that out in a few minutes and coming back for results.

EDIT2 : Ok, it works fine now, thanks for pointing out that my version could not be the one the script was working on ! 🙂