What does/doesn't count as a glitch?
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I've done offline runs of Glitchless with a couple of tricks that are kind of borderline,and I'm looking for input from the leaderboard mods on whether or not these tricks count as a glitch

The first is quickclimbing ladders using scroll wheel

The second is the gate push in Alley that's used in No OoB

My logic in including quickclimbing with scroll wheel is you aren't doing any unintended action,you're just getting off and jumping up the ladder repeatedly,which you can do just as easily with spacebar,which is allowed. If allowed,it could save a decent chunk of time throughout the entire run.

My logic in including the Alley gate push is that,in doing the trick,you don't go out of bounds,you don't clip through any walls,and you don't use geometry boosting,where if it did do any of those 3 things,it would be banned.

I understand if those tricks are against the Glitchless rules and they end up not being allowed.

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Glitchless runs have definitely been QUITE loosely defined in the past for HPL games, and seeing as effort was made to make a distinction between No OoB and Glitchless for this game in particular, it seems to me that Glitchless should be quite strict in whats allowed. Imo should be as close to the dev intended gameplay route as possible.

With that said, I'd say yes to the quick ladder climbs, but no to the alley strat

just my 2 cents though /shrug

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Teravortryx and I had this discussion recently on discord regarding defining the rules. I paged in ShadowDraft as he seems to be the only active mod currently but he never responded. The quick climbing is absolutely fine, it isn't a glitch. As you said it's just doing fast inputs to achieve something faster, jumping off a ladder and regrabbing it in mid air is intended. As for the alley no OoB strat, this is very different. Being able to 'jack' your way past that gate is much less intended and it also causes a sequence break. Teravortryx and I both agreed with that andyrockin123 says, fast climbing should be allowed but alley skip should not.


The rules have been updated for Glitchless.

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