Any% Major Glitches One Hand?
3 years ago
Florida, USA

Title is pretty self explanatory, it would be pretty cool imo since it’s such a short run it could be optimized quite a lot and frame perfect inputs would be much harder than they already are making it so really only the OG wall clip could be used

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Oregon, USA

If you find it fun, go for it! There are a few runners that already do one-handed NMG, for which there's a leaderboard over on Category Extensions:


Never mind the short categories. Come and join the big boy league and do the full game with one hand. Just be prepared to relearn the whole thing again. Would be great to have another runner on the board.

Oregon, USA

Or, do whatever you find fun and don't let others bully you into playing what they want you to play because they perceive it to be superior. Especially if they call it 'the big boy league'.

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