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Time splits
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#NameSplitFinished at
1-Zelda3m 20s 926ms3m 20s 926ms
2-Escape2m 43s 765ms6m 04s 691ms
3Escape (Sanc Exit)0m 31s 319ms6m 36s 010ms
4-EP Overworld1m 10s 865ms7m 46s 875ms
5-EP Dungeon2m 58s 397ms10m 45s 272ms
6-Armos0m 13s 920ms10m 59s 192ms
7Eastern Palace0m 17s 021ms11m 16s 213ms
8-DP Overworld3m 10s 607ms14m 26s 820ms
9-DP Dungeon2m 52s 487ms17m 19s 307ms
10-Lanmolas0m 38s 804ms17m 58s 111ms
11Desert Palace0m 15s 684ms18m 13s 795ms
12-ToH Overworld2m 35s 508ms20m 49s 303ms
13-ToH Dungeon2m 37s 072ms23m 26s 375ms
14-Moldorm0m 36s 962ms24m 03s 337ms
15Tower of Hera0m 15s 832ms24m 19s 169ms
16-Master Sword1m 11s 744ms25m 30s 913ms
17-CT Overworld1m 48s 075ms27m 18s 988ms
18Castle Tower2m 45s 364ms30m 04s 352ms
19Blue Balls1m 54s 798ms31m 59s 150ms
20-PoD Overworld
1m 04s 438ms33m 03s 588ms
21-PoD Dungeon4m 28s 827ms37m 32s 415ms
22-Helma0m 32s 809ms38m 05s 224ms
23Palace of Darkness0m 57s 510ms39m 02s 734ms
24-TT Overworld3m 53s 167ms42m 55s 901ms
25-TT Dungeon3m 14s 401ms46m 10s 302ms
26-Blind0m 31s 340ms46m 41s 642ms
27Thieves' Town0m 47s 114ms47m 28s 756ms
28-SW Overworld
2m 17s 908ms49m 46s 664ms
29-SW Dungeon2m 49s 981ms52m 36s 645ms
30-Mothula0m 12s 992ms52m 49s 637ms
31Skull Woods0m 51s 303ms53m 40s 940ms
32-IP Overworld3m 06s 332ms56m 47s 272ms
33-IP Dungeon3m 08s 069ms59m 55s 341ms
34-Kholdstare0m 30s 384ms1h 00m 25s 725ms
35Ice Palace0m 53s 265ms1h 01m 18s 990ms
36-SP Overworld3m 00s 841ms1h 04m 19s 831ms
37-SP Dungeon4m 39s 807ms1h 08m 59s 638ms
38-Arrghus0m 37s 823ms1h 09m 37s 461ms
39Swamp Palace0m 59s 338ms1h 10m 36s 799ms
40-MM Overworld0m 52s 132ms1h 11m 28s 931ms
41-MM Dungeon4m 18s 267ms1h 15m 47s 198ms
42-Vitreous0m 36s 627ms1h 16m 23s 825ms
43Misery Mire0m 49s 428ms1h 17m 13s 253ms
44-TR Overworld1m 58s 085ms1h 19m 11s 338ms
45-TR Dungeon5m 18s 219ms1h 24m 29s 557ms
46-Trinexx0m 49s 650ms1h 25m 19s 207ms
47Turtle Rock0m 51s 117ms1h 26m 10s 324ms
48-GTBK3m 15s 806ms1h 29m 26s 130ms
49-GT Upstairs5m 01s 162ms1h 34m 27s 292ms
50-Aga20m 48s 081ms1h 35m 15s 373ms
51Ganon's Tower0m 25s 692ms1h 35m 41s 065ms
52Ganon2m 38s 075ms1h 38m 19s 140ms