What am I doing wrong? [speedrun] [short video]
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What am I doing wrong? [speedrun] [short video]

I see that runners even using emulator can do this part in 2:28 and I never can.

Maybe because I'm a beginner I can't identify the problems in my way of playing...

Could someone who understands help me by watching this short video I recorded?

Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

Hi you have to slash your sword AFTER entering the keyguard 2 room. This gives the guard more time to be lower. Also you need to align yourself directly under the statue/chest. Download the practice hack if you haven't already to grind the rooms that cause you trouble.

For further in-depth info on certain rooms check out the FMG Tutorial on youtube. It can really help a lot if you are in trouble.

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You are missing the most basic movement strats. at 1m42s in the video, you are moving up then right into the door, instead of straight up-right. Same at 1m47s. I'm not gonna watch any further, but I guess this will be happening a bunch of more times.

Speedrunning is about taking the shortest path possible, and in this case, you don't even need glitches, just math :D

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