LevelFirst place
Training Grounds
Return of the Phantoms (Normal)
Return of the Phantoms (Hard)
The Phantom Portal (Normal)
The Phantom Portal (Hard)
Meet Cosmo (Normal)
Meet Cosmo (Hard)
The Hive (Normal)
The Hive (Hard)
The Great Escape (Normal)
The Great Escape (Hard)
Greely's Inferno (Normal)
Greely's Inferno (Hard)
The Search For Greely (Normal)
The Search For Greely (Hard)
Bubble Trouble (Normal)
Bubble Trouble (Hard)
In Too Deep (Normal)
In Too Deep (Hard)
Turning The Tide (Normal)
Turning The Tide (Hard)
The Hidden Falls
The Front Lines
The Phantom Badlands
The Phantom Fortress (Normal)
The Phantom Fortress (Hard)
Storming The Fortress (Normal)
Storming The Fortress (Hard)
The Trials of Zios (Normal)
The Trials of Zios (Hard)
The Mystery Below (Normal)
The Mystery Below (Hard)
The River's Heart (Normal)
The River's Heart (Hard)