Split: Airhead Demo - Any%
Airhead Demo - Any%
Updated 1 year ago by HG_Yona

Splits for the Airhead Demo Speedrun following a rough critical path playthrough and the glitches and tricks listed in my guide.

Splits are as follows:

  • Start starts upon selecting a new game save file
  • Lake starts upon diving into the water for the first time
  • Larva puzzle starts upon walking past the Airhunter that falls into the puddle
  • Reach Head starts upon passing by the air tank after the Airhunter roadblock
  • Helium Area Skip starts after the cutscene where Head is dropped on the ground and you can pick him up for the first time
  • Back to Lake starts upon reaching the air tank after the cutscene where the rock falls from the ceiling and the Airhunters climb up
  • Airhunter Puzzle Area starts upon landing in the area to the left above the lake
  • Elevator Shaft + Finish starts after pushing the elevator back into the shaft and ends upon floating past the point where control is taken away from the player, which is right after passing the point where the elevator was previously stuck (with Helium of course).
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