LevelFirst place
----------------Vanilla Levels----------------
The Spaceship - Time Rift - The Gallery
The Spaceship - Time Rift - Mailroom
Mafia Town - Barrel Battle
Mafia Town - Heating up Mafia Town
Mafia Town - Cheating the Race
Mafia Town - Golden Vault
Mafia Town - Time Rift - Bazaar
Mafia Town - Time Rift - Sewers
Battle of the Birds - Dead Bird Studio
Battle of the Birds - Time Rift - The Owl Express
Battle of the Birds - Time Rift - The Moon
Battle of the Birds - Time Rift - Dead Bird Studio
Subcon Forest - Subcon Well
Subcon Forest - Time Rift - Village
Subcon Forest - Time Rift - Pipe
Subcon Forest - Time Rift - Sleepy Subcon
Alpine Skyline - Twilight Bell
Alpine Skyline - Windmill
Alpine Skyline - Birdhouse
Alpine Skyline - Time Rift - Curly Tail Trail
Alpine Skyline - Time Rift - Twilight Bell
------------------Mod Levels----------------
Beta Hero Challenge
Wet Mushroom Heaven
Wet Mushroom Hell
White Tower Forest
Peaceful Tides
Eternal Madness
Wet Hero Challenge
Ultra Silence
Time Rift Zone
Through the Dimensions
Clockwork Cape
Her Dream
Platform Peril
Subcon Castle
Dead Bob Studio
The I_TestM Treasure Hunt
Against The Clock
Brutal Rift
The Painted World
4 Floor Run
Node Dash 2
Cuisiner's Time Rift
Dungeon of the Eagle
Hat Kid's Adventure in South Island
Easter Island
Metro Nyascent
Sand Palace Exploration
Into the Null Zone
Break the Targets!
Festival of Horrors
Rogue Echoes
Windy Alpine Rift
Superheated Panic
Rift Runner
Snowy Slope Speedway
Cyclone Seafort
Road to Nowhere
Crystal Cove
Sunset Sanctuary
Hat Kid Visits the Future
Monky Ball: Escape from Hell
Snow City
Hat Kid Delivers a Ninktonto Pro Controller
Hat Kid Steals the Declaration of Independence
Archipelago Adventure
Room Escape
Yoshi Level
Hat Kid's Moveset Tutorial
Botanical Bypass
Just Like Clockwork
Cool Ice
Starlane Stroll
Black Hole Rift
Luminous Forest
Space Void Rift
Beach Delivery
Decoration Dash
-----------------Death Wish-----------------
Death Wish - Collect-a-thon
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