aHiT Trick Names & Definitions Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet containing a list of all the tricks and glitches found in the Beta Build for A Hat in Time. (external link)

By The Boop Troop


Come chat with the A Hat in Time speedrunning community in the official The Boop Troop Discord server! (external link)

HiT Icon Bundle for LiveSplit

A collection of pretty icons to use with LiveSplit. (direct download)

By ShockwveShockwve


A timer which has many useful features for speedrunning and racing. It is also very customizable. (external link)

By CryZe & wooferzfg1


15 Hourglass Save File

A save file for the beta build that includes 15 hourglasses (extra one from using console commands to unlock the balloon race). To use for practice. (direct download)

By ShockwveShockwve

All Secrets Save

Use this file when running All Secrets. (direct download)

By unknownunknown

Hacked file

Hacked file that includes The propellor. Electro badge. Quick dodge badge. Frozen Solid Badge. Queen's Love Badge. Water Flask (direct download)

By DanielCNRDanielCNR