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4 years ago
Minnesota, USA

Are there any tools or notes available for learning the speedrun for this game?

Minnesota, USA

I've played the game before and I'm familiar with the mechanics. I'm curious if there's anything I'd need to know about speedrunning it such as skips, encounter manipulation or anything else that would change compared to casual game play.

Massachusetts, USA

I just submitted a run in under 32 minutes along with my plan for completing this game as quickly as possible. I'm sure other people can further speed up the run, ideally with an actual NES cartridge (I used the Nestopia emulator on my PC).

Massachusetts, USA

Finding out the exploit with an evil NPC in the Tyranthraxus battle was an accidental discovery I made about 25 years ago. As for the Hold Persons, I think that targeting a single target with multiple charges forces multiple saving throws, and therefore increases the chance of the spell succeeding.

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