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I already routed but couldn't record due to the 3DS low SD card space take a look


Planing on recording a run once i get the proper equipment so stay tuned


I have started running Puzzle League as a standalone game without regard to actually acquiring a 3DS in a new game as CrazyCalv was wanting to do.

I want to have a leaderboard with both Normal and Hard mode for Story Mode categories, but I'm kinda hamstrung by what you guys were planning to do with Puzzle League, if anything.

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I added it to the ILs section. Let me know if anything needs changed. Also, I included Easy since that's a difficulty in the game, but if it's not any different for speedrunning, I'll just remove it.


There's lots of problems with the AC:PL board here.

1. It's not a level. Not sure why no one noticed that.

2. There's no easy story mode. There's only normal and hard.

3. All of the modes are missing. Alongside normal/hard story mode there should be:

Score Attack, easy/normal/hard
Time Attack, easy/normal/hard
Garbage Attack, easy/normal/hard
Candy Mode, easy/normal/hard

That's for completeness.

4. The game boots up and runs through the 3DS splash again when booting, it's not a part of AC:NL proper. It should be considered it's own game much like how "Nintendo Puzzle Collection (Panel de Pon)" is done. Or should all multigame releases have all the games under the same board?

5. The game was not released in 2012. It was released in 2016.

6. Technically the game is part of the Puzzle League series. Much like how Pokemon Puzzle League or the Puzzle League in "Dr Mario & Puzzle League" are (whereas Dr Mario is not)

Hopefully these problems can be resolved and there can be consistency across the site. Thanks 🙂


>It's not a level

Since it's more of a game inside of a game type of thing, it was just more appropriate for us to include it in the level leaderboards. Regarding the other modes, it seems like all of them are just endless modes with different variations (Really haven't played AC:PL that much, so I might be wrong). Not sure how that'd really work for a speedrun, unless it's like "Get to line 50" or whatever.

>it's not a part of AC:NL proper

It is though. You have to launch it through New Leaf using an item found in-game. The 3DS splash screen thing is just a gag, because the item is a New 3DS. The Wii U item for Desert Island Escape does the same thing with a Wii U splash screen, but it's obviously not running a Wii U game.

>Technically the game is part of the Puzzle League series.

Maybe if it actually was a separate game, but it's not. I think has support for games being a part of multiple series (It used to at least, not sure if it was removed or not), so if it was really that big of a deal, we could make it a separate game and have it in both series, with mods from both. But seeing as only a single person has done a single run of it, I really don't think there's that much of a need for it.

Maybe @CardsOfTheHeart can chime in here as well.


Someone blew through most of my stop signs and got told 90% of what I had already said this morning. There are also several assumptions in the listed "problems" that run counter to how this site operates.

In any case, there is an understandable misunderstanding here. I think I can speak for the Puzzle League community and say that, despite not being a standalone game, Animal Crossing Puzzle League (AC:PL) is recognized as a part of the Puzzle League series, yet its leaderboard cannot be seen from the Puzzle League series page.

My original intent was to avoid a situation where the same "game" is listed in two places: one in the Puzzle League series as its own game, and the other in New Leaf as a category. I was not and am still not about to do anything behind this community's back that would result in confusion and duplication.

I do feel, however, that AC:PL should see some representation in the Puzzle League series to avoid this kind of confusion in the future. It just so happens that one of the game types that can be attached to a game page is "Minigame/Gamemode," which is precisely what AC:PL is within New Leaf. There is also an "Expansion" type that could also apply as we're dealing with a part of Welcome amiibo.

Thus, I think the cleanest solution is to make an AC:PL page under the Animal Crossing series (I am a fan of this theme and wouldn't mind using it for the board) and then submit requests to add it to the Puzzle League series and mark it as a minigame and/or expansion... and maybe as a category extension, as well, to give a link back to New Leaf.

At that point, I can then take a second look at the other modes and see if there are category merits to them beyond max score RTAs.

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Sounds like a solid solution to me. Have it able to be found under both Puzzle League and AC series, and have it listed as a minigame under AC:NL.

Just having it tucked away as a "level" of animal crossing new leaf is just about the last place I'd look for it. And yeah, I'm not entirely familiar with the structure of the site/connections between games/series/etc. My apologies.

>It is though. You have to launch it through New Leaf using an item found in-game. The 3DS splash screen thing is just a gag, because the item is a New 3DS. The Wii U item for Desert Island Escape does the same thing with a Wii U splash screen, but it's obviously not running a Wii U game.

Is this the case? A bit unrelated I suppose but I was hoping to be able to extract it from my copy of AC:NL and just launch it as a standalone. Perhaps this isn't possible? I just checked and it turns out you're right that it seems to be a mock splash screen, unfortunately.

Either way, my understanding was that, like other embedded games, it should be considered a game in it's own right, even if unreleased elsewhere. But the solution @CardsOfTheHeart posted seems fine with me. I guess I'm just a stickler for accuracy and consistency.


Alright, I've made it a separate game ( ), and requested it to be marked as a Minigame/Game Mode. I don't know if multiple series for one game are still a thing, but I've asked them to change that as well if possible.

Also @CardsOfTheHeart, feel free to add whatever moderators/categories/whatever you want of course. I've linked the Puzzle League Discord in the game settings as well.


Everything looks delightful. Thank you for your assistance.


It seems like you guys have the Puzzle League series page not showing unofficial games by default (Which minigames get treated as), so AC:PL won't appear there unless people manually change the filters on the sidebar, which not many people know about.


Looks good to me. Thank you 🙂