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Now then, this completely relies on if you are allowed to TT in this category. While the badges for streetpass tags, visiting towns, play time, etc would be impossible, given the category's rules and that no one would do a 500 hour speedrun, but other badges would that be possible to form?


Do a run and for sure itll be added lul


Yep, it is time to do the insane. Get nearly all badges in a segmented, then real time (probably?) run! This is gonna take a while, seeing as if I dont TT, the game will run for hundreds of hours... And I have to upgrade to T&T emporium to fill the catalog (or T.I.Y, possibly.), and everything else. Also this will kind of be a fish encyclopedia run, but not quite.
Ahh, how I love the challenge...

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Not getting all of the badges isn't exactly "All Badges." It'd be an extremely arbitrary category that I'm really not sure we need. You're welcome to run it on your own though

Also we allow time traveling in any category, but regardless