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Want to know if it will be added like subcategory a glitchless one, or maybe separating it on versions also nice

I mention it because there yesterday the game got udapted to 1.1.1 , and there are some glitchess they are probably fixing all those or at least the most ones
For example, the most important one is that now its imposible to do the infinite objects glitch that a user found, being as simple and needing just what you willl duplicate (normaly the Nintendo Switch is the best one that can be duplicated to duplicate it) and a Cartoon Box, playing it in 2P; being imposible to do it, now in 1.1.1 will be much more longer tan before the run

Will ne added if somebody run it?

Ps: I aproach to remeber us that actualy the leaderboard been added, and alredy there are not runs there, so submit there the runs the users that actualy run it yeah

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I mean there likely can be, but we need a route that takes a reasonable amount of time that someone is willing to run (because people aren't willing to try for turnip rng)

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