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So I have family and I don’t want to delete their data what do I do if want to run

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The only solution I have in mind would to be purchasing another switch.

I'm not sure if it would work, but if you bought another copy of the game in physical form, you might be able to have other save data? Other than that, the only solution I know is getting another switch.

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The only solution would be buying another switch

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Getting another copy of the game does not grant you another save file, even if your other copy is from a different region. If your Switch is hacked, you can swap EmuMMCs or maybe do some save file swapping, but if stock there's nothing you can do except buy a second system.

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Well, I also was thinking in that problema, I just have 4 members of my family (inclusive almost 5 yeah) plus me with a count and we will not delete it

But, by the way, just have an idea...
Probably there is a reason cause this is just imposible, but. well, think on it:
Basicaly, it is used for that, if you got broken the Nintndo Switch or something like that, you got there saved all

The thing is that you should have the Nintendo Online for all the members of the family with a count there, but in all casue it continue being more rentable
By 35€, you get 1 year of suscription for 8 counts, so nice; in my case we all have it, so no proble,

So, yeah, well, just sabe the game filles in all the counts, and also desactivate the automatic saves of the game of all of those
Then, you can get deleted the island, and fo your runs
Whne you or someone else want to play in the good one, just download again the filles of the cloud, and you can get it again

Okey, this is probably like just the easiest idea ever, but it doesnt seems bad
Its posible to do it?


Ok sadly save data for switch online isn’t supported so yeah I’d have to get another switch thanks for all your help

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