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I doesnt play so much this game, but I know you can win some nooks milles beating achievments you can llok in your nookphone

So, well, basicaly, is like to get 100%, getting all of the game, but not sure

So, well, basicaly a run of to get as fast as posible all the achievments to 100%

Yeah, so early, actualy nobody finish the game entirely yeah, but, well, I just give here the idea
When someone is ready, should be so nice to do it


It’s possible but the question is, is the exploits and glitches allowed?

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@xx4kMagikxx4kMagik oh, LUL
If thats the question… well, I supose that yeah, if are not very big
Or maybe as subcategory, with glitches/exploids and glitchless/exploidless

In all case, have to say I doesnt realy play the game too much, and practicaly I doenst look for any video, so I doesnt know about any glitch or any exploid
But, well, yeah, I supose there are


I think subcategories for using and not using glitches or duping or whatnot would be good for the game in general especially with possible updates that fix glitches. But also would be interesting to speedrun individual Miles Cards/Genre of Cards (for example All Fish goals or something like that)

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Yeah, should be nice to have it with subcategories if there is some different betwen both

I look that someone discover a glitch to have infinite objects fast and easy, and is realy so simple, so its very nice, thed only thing is that you need multiplayer, but well, yeah, that also should be allowed to be activated

In all case, in respect of the glitch, have to say that also is true that probably it will be parched in future udaptes
So, yeah, that remind me that basicaly better to also different it by categories if there is any differen in respect of those, or if not, by the moment to just can be runned in the latest version when it been created
This with the All Achievements and with any other one alos, of course

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