thursday (tommorow) I will attend a one sitting to fill up the museum (with time travel). I saw that there's no speedrunning category for that. Would it be possible to check if we could create a new one?

I have no idea how long it's going to take, this is something i tought of and never saw.

Thank you !! 😃

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oh wow, it will take a while yeah
GL on that
mods actualy have to decide if add a category oficialy for the site in src, idk
well ask them
to start probably a run is needed for it to be created so yea if you do it it would be cool

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Still gonna do it for sure despite it being added or not 😃 thnak you for the reply !!

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good luck emili! that’s gonna take a lot of rng to be in your favor so i wish the best luck for you

(edited: )

meme runs are always fun, just need to get a solid run going and some people might join in!
there's one thign going against you in this and its that most runs are quite short, but that never stopped anyone from doing BotW 100%...
May RNGesus be on your side!

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