Changing normal joycons into New Horizon ones

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Having New Horizons Joycons is a must for this game, as you get the New Horizons themed switch in the mail at the start of the game, which sells more than a regular switch. This is a very clear advantage over people who don't have these Joycons. If you're like me, and don't want to spend $$$ on them, you don't have to. There is a tool that doesn't require CFW to use, which can change your normal Joycons into the beautiful NH joyboys.
If you're using CFW and would like something that does the same thing, then go to the bottom of the page.

You're going to be using something called JC_Toolkit by CTCaer. Download the latest version, and extract the zip. (if you have trouble extracting, try downloading 7-zip) Before opening, connect either your left or right controller to your computer through bluetooth, and once connected, open the .exe. If your computer does not have built in bluetooth, then you can use USB bluetooth dongles. If you get an error upon opening, then your controller isn't connected.

Once opened, you SHOULD make a backup of your SPI, but this isn't needed. If you don't make a backup, remember that you're responsible for not taking the safety precautions 😕 Making them will only take 10 minutes, and they're only 512kb's each so there's not much space taken up by them anyway.
Download colors.xml, which has a preset for most Joycon Bundles.. Drag this to the download location of JC_TK. Then select "Body & Buttons Color". You'll see the colors under Custom Color Sets. First column is for the left controller, second column is for the right controller. The second row is for the buttons. Select the colors accordingly (selecting buttons to change from body to buttons), then hit OK. You'll be taken back to the first screen with what your controller should look like, but it is not applied yet. Select "Write Colors" for the changes to be made. Now, whenever you connect your controller back to your switch, the change will be made. And watch in disbelief as you get a NH switch with grey joycons 🥴

If you want to revert back to your normal controllers (or change them to whatever you want), simply open the app up again, select "Body & Buttons Color", then change it back to default or another template.

But what if I wanted to use CFW?
The CFW method uses JC_Toolbox by CompSciOrBust, which is just JC_Toolkit but presets are already within the app. Download the latest version, and extract the contents to your SD card, having JCTB.nro within the /switch/ folder, and JCTB.cfg within the /config/ folder. The config file is the most important, as without it, nothing would show up in JCTB.

Boot into CFW, then open the Homebrew Launcher (or whatever alternatives there are), and open JCTB. You use UP/DOWN on the DPAD to choose the template, and then press A to apply. If the change isn't made, make sure that your controllers are connected directly to the switch. Once it is made though, disconnect then reconnect your controllers to the console to see the applied template.

You can make your own template by editing the config, however I won't be going through that here. Read the config file and you'll figure it out.

If you have any questions (or something didn't work) ask in the Discord. I've got noti's on in there (for whatever reason) so no need to ping 🥴

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