First Debt options for miles (Most recent version)

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Thought I'd list the miles you can obtain to get to 5000 for the first debt here, as there don't seem to be any guides for the most recent version:

Birthday + 500 miles you're given at the start of the game:
If you set your switch's date to 20xx/01/01, and the time to around 4:50, you can do the first part of the run in under 10 minutes, and have the day reset, and give you 2000 miles for your birthday. The game only checks for this if it is a brand new day, so doing this is necessary, otherwise, you can reset manually by closing the game and changing the date, but that takes a lot of time. - 2500 Points

After this, you can take a photo with your phone for 300 points, edit a design in the custom designs app for another 300 points, change your passport phrase for another 300 points, and add a notice to the plaza notice board for 500 points. - 3900 points

Here's where the run differs from a normal run. If you have the first update version or NH Joycons, you can skip this step
If your animal crossing game is in the first update of the game, you receive a Nintendo switch in the mail, can sell it, and buy 10 saplings to easily earn the points you need (this also works with the NH Joycons, if I'm not mistaken). However, if you don't have this version or NH Cons, you can go around the island quickly shaking trees for wasps nests. If you find two, you get 300 for being stung twice and can sell the wasps nests to Timmy for an additional 300 points, and 600 bells. - 4500 points

After selling the wasps nests, the next best option is to buy a less than 600 bell item from the nook stop in the tent where Timmy resides. HOWEVER, if you're lucky, you could find a furniture item from one of the trees earlier while searching for wasps nests. If that happens, you can cut out the time needed to open the atm and buy the item. This would definitely cut down on time. - 4800 points

To finish off the run, the last step is to just open your phone 9 times (for the final 300 points, leaving you at 5100, just over the amount needed to end the run), and collect your points from the nook miles app, After which you can talk to Tom Nook, and complete the run.

Now, clearly, this guide is not going to be winning you any world records, since the current world record for this category is in the old version with the Nintendo Switch in the mail. Simply, this guide is to try and make the category a little more accessible, even if not many people want to run it.

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