Any% NMG in 1h 16m 11s 518ms by

Silly death in Executive Office. 1:15 soon!

Any% NMG
Second place
In-Game Time
1h 16m 11s 518ms
1h 24m 04s 807ms
2 months ago
1 month ago
2 months ago
Time splits
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#NameSplitFinished at
1-Tunnel 12m 32s 244ms2m 32s 244ms
2-Tunnel 20m 49s 716ms3m 21s 960ms
3-Slogs0m 30s 415ms3m 52s 375ms
4-Tunnel 31m 30s 040ms5m 22s 415ms
5-Tunnel 40m 35s 569ms5m 57s 984ms
6-Tunnel 51m 00s 549ms6m 58s 533ms
7-Tunnel 60m 55s 077ms7m 53s 610ms
8-Tunnel 70m 58s 084ms8m 51s 694ms
9Mines1m 05s 631ms9m 57s 325ms
10-Entry0m 36s 603ms10m 33s 928ms
11-Hands1m 30s 304ms12m 04s 232ms
12-Fleeches Entry0m 22s 032ms12m 26s 264ms
13-Fleeches 10m 10s 294ms12m 36s 558ms
14-Fleeches 20m 11s 864ms12m 48s 422ms
15-Fleeches 30m 12s 370ms13m 00s 792ms
16-Fleeches 40m 14s 188ms13m 14s 980ms
17-Fleeches 50m 28s 879ms13m 43s 859ms
18Necrum0m 27s 779ms14m 11s 638ms
19-Entry 10m 31s 097ms14m 42s 735ms
20-Entry 20m 36s 184ms15m 18s 919ms
21-Entry 30m 40s 913ms15m 59s 832ms
22-Entry 40m 47s 652ms16m 47s 484ms
23-Trial 10m 52s 451ms17m 39s 935ms
24-Trial 21m 11s 127ms18m 51s 062ms
25-Trial 30m 41s 509ms19m 32s 571ms
26-Trial 41m 31s 140ms21m 03s 711ms
27-Trial 50m 58s 543ms22m 02s 254ms
28-Trial 61m 14s 404ms23m 16s 658ms
29-Vaults1m 43s 989ms25m 00s 647ms
30Mudanchee0m 06s 414ms25m 07s 061ms
31-Entry 11m 43s 667ms26m 50s 728ms
32-Entry 20m 41s 895ms27m 32s 623ms
33-Entry 31m 01s 808ms28m 34s 431ms
34-Trial 10m 27s 451ms29m 01s 882ms
35-Trial 21m 10s 463ms30m 12s 345ms
36-Trial 30m 35s 635ms30m 47s 980ms
37-Trial 41m 02s 854ms31m 50s 834ms
38-Trial 50m 43s 214ms32m 34s 048ms
39-Trial 60m 55s 910ms33m 29s 958ms
40-Vaults1m 10s 282ms34m 40s 240ms
41Mudomo0m 18s 982ms34m 59s 222ms
42-Entry0m 11s 048ms35m 10s 270ms
43-Terminal 10m 22s 907ms35m 33s 177ms
44-Terminal 2
0m 36s 949ms36m 10s 126ms
45-Main Terminal0m 55s 512ms37m 05s 638ms
46-Terminal 41m 03s 703ms38m 09s 341ms
47FeeCo0m 04s 171ms38m 13s 512ms
48-Entry0m 30s 497ms38m 44s 009ms
49-Annex 10m 37s 300ms39m 21s 309ms
50-Annex 2
0m 11s 714ms39m 33s 023ms
51-Annex 30m 27s 253ms40m 00s 276ms
52-Annex 40m 36s 131ms40m 36s 407ms
53-Annex 50m 14s 815ms40m 51s 222ms
54-Annex 60m 23s 593ms41m 14s 815ms
55-Annex 71m 06s 046ms42m 20s 861ms
56-Annex 82m 54s 543ms45m 15s 404ms
57-Phleg1m 39s 190ms46m 54s 594ms
58Bonewerkz0m 18s 264ms47m 12s 858ms
59-Terminal 32m 30s 940ms49m 43s 798ms
60-Block 01m 41s 458ms51m 25s 256ms
61-Block 41m 04s 268ms52m 29s 524ms
62-Block 32m 26s 828ms54m 56s 352ms
63-Block 21m 22s 356ms56m 18s 708ms
64-Block 10m 30s 286ms56m 48s 994ms
65-Dripik1m 44s 732ms58m 33s 726ms
66Slig Barracks0m 07s 668ms58m 41s 394ms
67-Entry1m 11s 801ms59m 53s 195ms
68-Aslik1m 02s 949ms1h 00m 56s 144ms
69Executive Office0m 07s 727ms1h 01m 03s 871ms
70-Terminal 5
0m 46s 698ms1h 01m 50s 569ms
71-Zulag 01m 30s 310ms1h 03m 20s 879ms
72-Zulag 41m 40s 672ms1h 05m 01s 551ms
73-Zulag 20m 42s 756ms1h 05m 44s 307ms
74-Zulag 11m 42s 876ms1h 07m 27s 183ms
75-Zulag 30m 49s 992ms1h 08m 17s 175ms
76-Zulag 50m 53s 790ms1h 09m 10s 965ms
77Hub I0m 04s 984ms1h 09m 15s 949ms
78-Zulag 80m 31s 400ms1h 09m 47s 349ms
79-Zulag 92m 44s 634ms1h 12m 31s 983ms
80-Zulag 70m 45s 632ms1h 13m 17s 615ms
81-Zulag 61m 04s 913ms1h 14m 22s 528ms
82-Zulag 10
2m 12s 163ms1h 16m 34s 691ms
83Hub II0m 08s 642ms1h 16m 43s 333ms
84-Zulag 111m 04s 859ms1h 17m 48s 192ms
85-Zulag 13
0m 40s 702ms1h 18m 28s 894ms
86-Zulag 121m 06s 549ms1h 19m 35s 443ms
87-Zulag 141m 47s 710ms1h 21m 23s 153ms
88Hub III0m 08s 634ms1h 21m 31s 787ms
89Soulstorm Brewery2m 33s 028ms1h 24m 04s 815ms
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22-10-2023: Rules for Console runs, and new Max. Cas kills... again?

Formatting has been updated for better readability. Most of the changes are affecting Console only

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  • Except for Mines, all runs must show
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