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7 years ago
Midi-Pyrénées, France

I have a question, I had a bug after done Bonewerks & Slig Barracks, there is the link :

I don't know if this run could be accepted here, and if someone know why this happened :/

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Midi-Pyrénées, France

I found the problem, i skipped the phone cinematic, but, without this cutscene, the electric gates couldn't be dissabled.

I done another, and better run by the way :D

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Bristol, England

Me and Dooty have experienced this whilst TASing the game. That's how we fixed the problem by skipping the cutscenes normally.

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Derbyshire, England

Used to do the same thing when i was young to skip the barracks, meaning you can re-enter the exec office and save the mudokons at the end as many times as you wish. But as you found if you do kill the glukkon before the cutscene then it registers that section incomplete, so you can either wait for the FMV to start and then skip it, or remove the FMV file from your exoddus directory.

Might be worth banning this glitch from runs as it is a potential game breaker for glitched. I imagine running any% up until the exec offices, then completing it 30 times to get 300 odd escapees is a lot shorter than doing the full game :) (over 300 still counts ingame as 100%)

Also congratulatationings on the run !

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United States

Bug reviewed and understood. Thread locked.

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