Loadless auto-spliter?
10 months ago
Rhône-Alpes, France

I was wondering where I could find the load-less auto-splitter mentioned in the rules, Livesplit doesn't seem to find it by itself in the "Edit split" menu.

If it's on the discord, I can't join it as the links in Speedrun.com seems to be expired.


Hello! I'm sorry, but it appears all auto-splitters of the XXL games have stopped working. They could originally be found in the "Edit split" menu, but they may have been removed by their creator. I've updated the Discord link, I hope someone there can assist you further.

Mazowieckie, Poland

Hello there. New autosplitter / loadless timer was made few days ago by hesopesomeso. You can find it in the resources tab, in the splits section. File also include splits and layout for them.

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