No Timer
2 months ago
New Zealand

so i just got a wr on pj with around a .48.13... but i had a no timer bug. are you able to send in the full run to have manually timed?


Not a mod, but should be good afaik. I believe they manually time it anyways

New Mexico, USA

No, we don't accept those. Sadly we can't manually time it as it isn't consistent with the in-game timer.

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United States

Manual timing has about an accuracy of +-200ms as compared to the in game timer. The timer bug is annoying. Hopefully Epic fixes it soon.

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Oof, that's unfortunate. I assume it's the same case for the full game runs then? If so that makes those really rough to run lol

New Mexico, USA

@Dioji Yes, but we do allow runners to redo the tracks in full games run if the timer bug happens, so its not just a dead run immediately.

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