Demo Auto-recorder Plugin

Tool used to record demos through map changes, deaths, reloads etc. Mainly used to record demos of RTA speedruns. (external link)

By MaxxussMaxxuss


Tool used to time demos in a segmented run. You can make this your default program to open demos with and it will tell you all kinds of information. (direct download)


Portal Demo Timer

Used for timing runs with demos. Auto adjusts the ticks in testchmb_a_00 and escape_02. (direct download)

By FatalisFatalis

Source Pause Tool (SPT)

Tool used for segmenting and TASing. None of the features of this tool are allowed in RTA runs. (external link)



Challenge Mode (Least Time)

These should be the most optimal saves for challenge mode. (direct download)

By MikaelMikael

IL saves

Saves you can use for ILs, they start in the map before. Yes, I know 00 isn't in there. (direct download)

By sirtomatosirtomato

Least Steps Challenge Mode Saves

This is for Least Steps challenge mode. If you save late you can't shoot both portals because of the portal gun reload time. These saves were made early enough to make a 0 step elevator exit possible. I made these saves so you don't have to. (direct download)

By ImanexImanex

Saves for all chambers

Most of these were made by Sully but I improved some of them and added out of bounds ones for the escape maps. (direct download)

By SullyJHF/Mikael

Vault skip save

Official save to skip the vault wait. Add 53.01 to your timer as default starting value. Demos are required when using this. (direct download)



Portal Splits

Splits for every map, use livesplits autosplitting, default category set to inbounds but splits dont change between categories. (direct download)

By XeiZXeiZ


Build 3420 for OoB (clean, uncracked, etc)

An earlier build of the game with free out-of-bounds movement, useful for advanced tricks like 02 skip; NOT recommended for new runners. First found by Avetixz as far as I know, cleaned up and reuploaded for public consumption by myself, with a couple of nice extras like borderless window support and raw input. NOTE: You must own the game on Steam to play this version! (external link)

By AvetixzAvetixz, mike128mike128

Source Unpack

Pre-Steampipe version used for speedruns. (external link)


Source Unpack & Portal 3420 mirror

A mirror of Source Engine Packs so you don't have to download them from google drive or (external link)

By FabiClawZFabiClawZ