Changes to Timing
Changes to Timing
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Starting today, we will be using a more accurate timing method which includes “Tick 0” from demo timing.

LiveSplit should automatically be updated to include the “Tick 0” timing method. For those of you using the bootleg SourceSplit, you may need to manually install the new SourceSplit found here:

To confirm you are on the correct SourceSplit version, do the following:

  1. Open LiveSplit
  2. Right click and hit Edit Splits...
  3. On Game Time and Auto Splitting, click Settings
  4. Click the About tab
  5. This should read as SourceSplit version or higher

Note: ILs will be retimed at a later date. Currently all ILs are only off by 1 tick only since they complete the level without save/loading. Since this is internally consistent, submissions to ILs will use the old timing system until we automate a way to update them all at once.

Update: as of November 1st 2023 all ILs have been retimed to include tick 0. Please submit accordingly

What does this mean for you?

  • All future runs using in-game time must be using the newest version of LiveSplit. Runs not timing tick 0 will be rejected.
  • All Top 10 runs in main categories will be retimed and updated to include all 0 ticks missed.
  • All other runs will be grandfathered in i.e. not be retimed.
  • Category extensions which require demos will be retimed.
  • Your own gold splits and com gold sheet will now be off by 1 tick per save/reload during that segment.
  • ILs should be submitted WITHOUT 0th tick for the time being.

Example of what the new SourceSplit does and looks like:

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