OAR Helper Tool Is A Virus?
3 months ago
Hong Kong

Oar helper tool worked perfectly at the start of the month, but when I tried to run it today, it was flagged as a virus. did a scan on virus total, here's the result:

not sure why it is suddenly detected as a trojan. virus or no virus?

Chicago, IL, USA

Not sure either, running it through a program like virtual studio code and using the python script seems to work fine though

I had the same question, it flagged trojan:win32/Znyonm. I contacted the moderator who developed it and he said it got flagged by the antivirus becouse it doesn't have a code signing certificate. Also a speedrun.com moderator said they downloaded it and didn't have any issues. I reccomend using the python script in​ visual studio code​ bc something is off with the mega download of the program itself


Hello, sorry I'm very late.

This program was made by our dear moderator XeventoHD, it's flagged as a virus/trojan because it's an .exe, it also takes over your mouse / keyboard.

However, it's just a False-Positive result, as said by AbsolDark, XeventoHD and we won't pay 200+$ to have the signing certificate that would safe us from Windows Defender.

I'm a daily user of his program and never had any trouble with it, if anyone still doubt the legitimacy of it, just take the python code instead, it's open-source.

Edit : Also, it suddently detected it because Windows detected it in a regular check-up.

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