Clarification on the DLC/Microtransaction rule
3 months ago

Hello! Thank you for being patient while we set up the Infinite Wealth leaderboard. With the sheer content this game has it has taken us a little bit longer to work everything out with some...Very interesting stipulations. Namely - the sheer amount of DLC this game has. Allow me to clarify why the DLC is banned for base any% runs

In Yakuza: Like a Dragon the DLC jobs weren't considered for Any% by runners because they would have taken so much in terms of time and resources to become viable that they were actually worse for the speedrun. With the way Infinite Wealth works this is slightly different. You could very easily get a weapon for said DLC classes and immediately make it viable. Because of this for base Any% the DLC jobs will be banned; however this is not to say we are opposed to having an any% w/DLC category! No one is currently running with the DLC jobs and if you want too then submit a proof of concept run (from start to finish) with the DLC jobs either in this post or in the discord and we'll consider adding a specific any% with DLC category. This would however be specifically the jobs. The biggest issue is unfortunately the image below.

These DLCs/Microtransactions are currently flat out banned in the speedrun. For most of the boosters you can actually ignore them in your inventory as they're very clearly labeled and we would know if they were used; however there are a couple of these packs that are imbalanced for the speedrun - specifically Dondoko Island and the Gearworks Crafting Sets.

These sets give you either the materials necessary in Dondoko Island to get a guarenteed 1 star (and potentially 2 star) on the first or second day. Currently in the run Dondoko 1 star is routed in for the $10,000 reward that goes greatly towards the speedrun. With the route it is actually partially RNG and with these materials activated by default you can bypass a lot of this and make it unfair towards runners who do not own these microtransactions.

Similarly the Gearworks Crafting Sets give you a multitude of extra materials that are single use. The issue stems from those materials being automatically used first. This creates a massive imbalance because if you own this DLC then you can craft an extremely strong weapon straight away that runners who do not own this microtransactions cannot. This is the other imbalance.

Hopefully this sheds some light on the reasons that these microtransaction/dlc boosting sets are banned. Unfortunately there is one casualty of this dlc - the Playstation 4 version. Other runners have confirmed that this DLC can be turned off on every single console and PC apart from the PS4. If you own the PS4 version and these microtransactions and want to run the game unfortunately the only way to remove it is to delete the game and redownload just the base game with none of the dlc/sets. Whilst we haven't had many runners for LAD on PS4 we do not want to seperate anyone from being able to run this game on whatever platform they prefer. I'm sorry that this is the only way to make PS4 runs fair towards other runners, but every other console and PC can disable the DLC (Please see the rules as to how to do so if you're worried about accidently having it enabled.

Thank you for your patience in waiting for the boards to open. We hope you enjoy speedrunning Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

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Should have mentioned, because NG+ itself is actually DLC in this game then the DLC including Jobs is allowed for NG+ runs!

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Just not the previously mentioned booster packs, correct?

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We appreciate you eagerly anticipating the leaderboard opening. Whilst you're waiting feel free to join the Discord where we're strat finding for the speedrun! In the meantime i'd like to offer an explanation as to why we've pushed the time back by a week:

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