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My girlfriend and I recently started running this, and really enjoy the co-op run. It's spawned a few questions though.

- Max's skip, she goes for it and does it every time, but what's the technical reason this works (and how does it work) only with Max and not Goofy?

- Is fruit entirely RNG or tied to the RNG seed itself?

- Are the RNG seeds known before entering Pete? Seems like in the practice ROM shooting the cannon changes the RNG seed/Pete's pattern before entering.

Or, maybe better worded, is there known good RNG seeds? Or is RNG like totally volatile that he has endless patterns?

And last, that platform thing with arrows.


Can it be controlled or manipulated somehow? xD


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- Max's skip works because there exists a diagonal line such that Max is never in "contact" with the hole. On one frame, he is still "connected" to the floor, and on the next frame, he is connected to the next floor; there's been no frame where Max was not touching either floor. It only works with Max simply because he is fast enough to completely skip across without being connected with the hole a single frame; as far as I know Goofy is too slow for that and just can't do the same thing.

- RNG is call-based: at the beginning of the game, it starts on a specific known value; but then it changes every time some random decision is needed. Pretty much every enemy makes frequent calls to RNG, which makes it completely impossible to manipulate when you get past the first few rooms of the first level. So don't worry about RNG, there's really nothing you can do about it. Just play the game and pray!

- The arrow platform: when you press an arrow, the platform changes to another one of the 8 (I believe?) pre-determined patterns. The change is random, but there's only a small number of hardcoded patterns. And luckily, for every one of them, either the bottom-left or the bottom-right tile will have a Right or an Up arrow, which is what you want. So the strat is: activate either one of those, and then quickly go back to the bottom-middle tile before the pattern change is complete.Then, you can choose one of the two bottom tiles again, rinse and repeat. You may want to watch top runs to get an idea of how we do it.

Have fun running!

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Awesome. 🙂 Thanks for the answers, Hulk.