anyone else suffering from stuttering and fps drops?
9 months ago

been trying to run the demo and the stuttering is seriously stopping all momentum i have. seem to happen mostly whenever an area loads. (going through corridors going through platforming sections, ect). anything i should be changing in the settings?

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California, USA

happens to me too, would love an answer to the same question

That's just how the demo is sadly. There is the performance mod by DmgVol, which is allowed for runs. (You need the DML for that, both can be found on nexusmods: ,

Additionally: make sure your sound audio is NOT from your gpu but from your motherboard instead: Go on device mamager Under Sound, video and game controller. Disable NVIDIA High definition audio IF you have NVIDIA Virtual audio device disable that too (Advice from Fooit_Unit / catgourmet on the official GR discord)

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