Enter the Gungeon Mapping Guide

By OJSNOJSN. Last updated

This includes illustrations of all map generations of each chamber (except oubliette, abbey, and hell) and guides how to figure them out.
Note that this guide still needs improvement and will be updated in the future.


Latest versions

PDF Files
[Rev 1.1 ENG] https:/​/​drive.​google.​com/​file/​d/​1NMAKiJlCoooQzqXneosSSOAuTvSE_SlM/​view?usp=sharing
[Rev 1.0 JPN] https:/​/​drive.​google.​com/​file/​d/​1aAe58BDj6m64rjiVtdcZXBd30BQOiSA5/​view?usp=sharing

ODP Files
[Rev 1.1 ENG] https:/​/​drive.​google.​com/​file/​d/​1SHGUC7vR2Ku8k5Zq-2rBIMhi49yJuc2J/​view?usp=sharing