Walkthrough (Guide to Completion)

By juh0juh0. Last updated

- Time starts when I click "Start"
- Go downstairs and go to the door to the right of the middle of the entrace of the Auditorium.
- Turn on lights and take crank
- Get out of the room and drag crank to box
- Go to Auditorium (Split)
- Go into Storage Room, take Umbrella and use it to take the necklace in the fan shaft
- Wake the girl up and give her the necklace
- Go outside

- Next sequence (Split), get candle and go outside.
- Go towards key and pass through the ghost
- Go back to Auditorium and unlock door (Split)
- Right side go upstairs
- Go into toilet to take pliers in sink and first die in sink further in
- Get out, get into classroom to avoid ghost
- Use pliers to unlock gate
- Go into door and take food offerings and key in Snellen cahrt
- Get out and use food offerings for ghost to get into surgical room
- Take second die and paint thinner in surgical room
- Get out by the door in the surgical room
- Get out and use paint thinner for the door marked in black at first floor
- Take penknife, go into second room and take last die in bucket
- Throw dice in bowl, get bowl and teeth dice
- Go to Auditorium and take blood from Wei's neck
- Use blood for classroom with one table
- Print out "blood markings" with notebook
- Go to gate and key in 623 [2 down, 6 down, 7 down]
- Go upstairs to third floor and go into the room
- Click on locked door and get out. (Split)
- Get counselling form and split when sleeping


- Wake up and go right into the new leveled puzzle room
- Go left and go downstairs, all the way right to Ghost Money
- Go upstairs and go to first room to burn Ghost Money (Split)
- Walk back, quietly, out of the room.
- Go upstairs and get the joss sticks in theatre
- Get out to go to the basement, putting the joss sticks on the prayer bowl
- Go back to take the token sword (Split)
- Go upstairs to first floor to put the items on the door [Sword left, Fan right] (Split when door opens)
- Get into first room door as you see the entrance
- Get key in room
- Go out and get past the tall guy and go into next corridor
- Go out of corridor towards the left
- Go to middle of outside area to get 8-track tape
- Go back to start of corridor level to go upstairs and unlock gate
- Take the movie tape upstairs
- Use it for theatre
- Go down to phone room to dial in numbers
- Go to phone to dial in 025121
- Get out to get the doll outside the door
- Turn on lights
- Go into track tape room
- Put in track tape and switch to Track 4
- Go out and play piano
- Piano goes as follows [1-2-1-5-5-4-3-2-1]
- Get 2nd doll and go outside
- Place dolls on mannequin hands [Sackman left, Police right]
- Get basement key and go to the basement to unlock the door all the way to the far right
- Use the key and go into the augmented class
- Get the paper on the desk and unlock door
- Walk to door, go in and do sequence
- Mirror breaks and goes to Justice Cheng Huang (Split)
- Ask about the meaning of life


- Go towards radio and tune to 88FM
- Walk out of bedroom, out of living room, turn off the lights and click on picture to get the glass cup
- Get back to bedroom and tune to 93FM
- Go to room with doors and pour pink water into puddle. Then turn off lights. Follow footsteps to doors
- Go to middle door, to the clocks, and turn the hands
[6:45, 1:00] (Split)
- Get out, go back to bedroom and tune back to 88FM
- Go back to picture room and go into the room
- Take Paper Plane, go back to room and tune to 103FM
- Go into mirror room and turn off 1st, 3rd, 4th and 6th mirrors
- Go into clothes room and take coin
- Go back to bedroom and tune to 88FM
- Put coin in the piggy bank and tune to 93FM
- Take ticket and tune to 103FM to turn in the ticket (Split when going into door)
After sequence, tune to 93FM and go into counselling room to turn in the counselling form
- Take counselling records, get out of the room
- Go into curtained room when you pass through rooms
- Give augmented "You" the Paper Plane, then Necklace, then counselling form
- Walk out of room for sequence (Split)

- Back to auditorium, go into storage room to see shadowed "You"
- Click on "Losing your family" to get "......." [Don't click the other options, could be "I am You" and could take a few seconds delay] (Split)
- Go upstairs to the middle room, go in
- Sequence starts
- Get out of room
- Go into classroom to the left and go in
- Click on enlightened "you" and exit classroom
- Go to right and make a roundabout, going down and going back up to the classroom again
- Talk to dark "you", click on "Blind Eye" (Split)
- Get out of room, see sequence
- End of sequence, go to right side to see silhouette of old man
- Go to bathroom and remove broom
- Get out, and go to the theatre to see old man silhouette
- Get out of theatre, go to middle room door and get out immediately
- Go into classroom and click on dark "you"
- Do Light Clicking sequence and click on "Submit to one's fate" (Split)
- Get out of classroom, go to middle to sequence
- Talk to dark "you" and click on "Calm indifferently" (Split)
- Follow silhouette to now opened metal door, watch sequence and get out of the roof
- Click on augmented you when going down
- Red Walk of Shame to Auditorium where you'll get a noose and get "hanged" (Time stops when fades to black)