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So I just did a new PB with the Rookie car in 19:13. But I took advantage of the glitch on Black Sail Valley which gives lots of points at the beginning of the race. In this run, I got 160 points, but it can be a lot more.
So far, I can tell this glitch only happened to me on BSV in division 2, never in divisions 3 or 1. And I have a feeling that I begin to understand how it works, but not why it happens on BSV in division 2 specifically and not in other races.
I submitted the run, but it would be nice to clarify whether we can use this glitch in wreckin' racing runs or not.
Anyway, if this is tolerated, I will try to verify how to get points and tell you if anyone's interested.


That glitch is pretty odd, will try to reproduce it next time I pick up the game. There is no reason not to abuse glitches in speedruns unless it's glitchless specifically. 😛


But just from watching, it seems you got 3x50 points and 1x10 points on enemies crashing at the first curve that occur way after you touched them. Could be worth trying it on Div2 Pine Hills as well maybe. The crash potential is probably way higher on Black Sail though.


If someone wants to go back and look, I'm fairly certain this glitch can be seen in a couple of my submitted runs. I believe I've seen it happen in all divisions. More interesting is that I've had it happen without touching any cars at all (or maybe one or two - regardless, not enough to earn the amount of points that it gives you.)

If you want to hunt for a really obscure glitch, I've managed to get 999 points before from single hits in Chalk Canyon. This has only happened on hardware (PS2), so I've always figured it was just an emulation issue.

I don't really have time for speedrunning anymore, but getting footage of the 999 points glitch is my "white whale."


I don't have my ps2 at home so I won't be able to try the chalk canyon glitch for now...
For the BSV glitch, I believe it isn't just the 2 or 3 cars I hit that give me the points... As I said in another topic, I already got more than 500 points once.
I will try to deepen my search about this glitch. I just took a look at some of my runs and it would appear that the glitch happened just one time in division 3. So it might happen on BSV in any division... That may become interesting.


Well... I tried tens of times to make the BSV glitch to happen, and I can tell that...... well I absolutely don't understand how it works in the end... what I thought might trigger the glitch isn't needed to make it happen. Tried many things like crossing the finishing line then crossing it again in the wrong way after hitting cars, tried hitting one or multiple cars, tried hitting a few cars at once, etc. Sometimes it triggers the glitch, sometimes it doesn't...
But this glitch makes me think about one thing that frustrates me sometimes : when I'm absolutely sure I'm hitting and making spin an opponent, and I get no point at all, surely because another opponent just touched the same guy a little and so he may be considered the one who made the victim spin... What I mean is ... when a few cars hit themselves at the same time, a bug in points attribution may occur... I think ?
In the end, what I think is that you got to hit multiple cars at once or hit a car while others hit it to trigger the glitch...... then, it's all up to RNG.
Maybe someone will find out how to trigger it one day...